High-performance floor coatings have evolved over the past few years and Colorado Specialty Coatings is pleased to now offer Polyaspartic Flooring options from the HP Spartacote line of products. We sell and install Polyaspartic coatings that offer solutions for some of the most demanding situations, and are now available for a wide variety of colors, textures, styles and applications.

Colorado Specialty Coatings is a great solution for your Home Garage, Industrial Applications, Basements, Workshops, Airplane Hangers, Race Shops, Fire Stations, Warehouse Floors, Retail Applications … practically any application where you need a strong, durable, long lasting finish. Our coating can be custom designed and installed to meet your demands, designs and dreams. Our professional installers can include your logo in the floor, create checkerboard and other patterns, outline walking areas and aisles … anything that you can dream up, we can install!



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